College Wages 'War' on Masturbation With Video That Offends Soldiers (WATCH)

wounded battlefield military BYU masturbation videoEating too much, partying too much, drinking too much, watching porn, having sex, having solo sex ... All things we just commonly accept as college kid behavior, right? Welll, not all of us. Certainly not educators at Brigham Young University-Idaho, who are seemingly fighting a "war" on a behavior they see as an imminent danger to their young male students: Masturbation.

Yes, this is the MAJOR threat to 18- to 21-year-old guys. So much so that BYU's Office of Housing and Student Living created a PSA that actually likens self-pleasure to fighting -- and nearly dying -- in a war. Featuring footage of a young man "consumed" by porn and masturbation finding himself on a battlefield, and BYU president President Kim B. Clark addressing the topic with quotes like, "We've all been spiritually wounded in the battles of the great war," the clip may very well be one of the most offensive things you'll see all week ...


Unbelievable. To compare having to contend with a healthy sex drive (oh no!) to serving in the military, to fighting and nearly being killed in battle, like brave U.S. soldiers? What in the world were they thinking? The ideology itself is extreme, but then to illustrate it in this completely over-the-top way crosses the line in SO many ways. It's absolutely ludicrous!

In the movie Don Jon, writer/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt addressed why addiction to porn might be detrimental because of the way it can poison perspective on what's real, what's fake, and the real point of physical intimacy. No matter what your religion or background, that's the conversation we need to be having. Unfortunately, this bizarre BYU video is nothing more than extreme propaganda that is likely helping no one and offending -- or at the very least, alienating -- just about everyone.

What do you think about this video?

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