7 Reasons Why You Deserve to Hang Out Naked in Your Home

7 reasons to get nakedAn important debate is raging in homes all around the country: Should you have the right to wander nude at home, or should you cover up? To me the answer seems obvious -- of course you should feel free to go au naturel in your own home. I mean, does this concept even need defending? Apparently it does, because here's a story all about the painful travails of prude people who have been exposed to the sight of their naked neighbors. Quelle horreur! (Fans herself.) So now that's one more thing you have to worry about: Protecting the people in your neighborhood from the sight of your flesh.


Well forget it. Obviously we are all capable of getting window coverings and using them. And sure, shutting the blinds while you flit about your home bare-assed is the considerate thing to do. We should beware of stalkers and weirdos, of course. But we all deserve to hang out naked in our own homes whenever we want to. Here's why.

1. Because it's body positive. Spending time in the nude means quality time appreciating someone you love. Have you noticed how yummy you are naked? You should experience that.

2. Because the idea of protecting others from the sight of a human body is a little sad. What's so horrifying about our bodies, really? It's just skin and hair, geez.

3. Because it feels frisky. 

4. Because no one ever gave another person a disease or a heart attack with just the sight of their bare ass. Oh sure, you may distract someone from getting their work done. And you may give them lustful thoughts. Or, you know, the opposite. But that's all on them.

5. Because kids aren't as freaked out over nudity as you think. Mind you, most kids probably don't want to see their parents naked. But if they happen to see someone else it's not going to scar their little psyches for life.

6. Because aren't you just a little bit curious? I mean, if you've never hung out naked by yourself at home, don't you ever wonder what that's like? It's worth a try at least once. 

7. Because it's YOUR home. And you can eat peanut butter right from the jar in your living room while singing out loud to "Check On It" totally naked if you damn well want to.* That's why.

Do you feel comfortable hanging out in the nude at home -- or anywhere?


*Not that this is something I do. I'm just saying. 

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