Grandma Spots Toddler Trying To Sneak Snacks & Her Reaction To Being Caught Is Everything

girl pretends to be asleep when caught stealing snacks

It can be so hard to keep those sneaky little devils -- aka your kids -- out of the snack cabinet. But a recent video starring an adorable 20-month-old girl from New Haven, Connecticut, shows the epic lengths kids will go to to pull a fast one. In the adorable clip, the little girl's grandmother, Chris Vaughn, catches her with a pack of gummies, and the kiddo's instant (and hilarious) reaction is to pretend that she's actually sound asleep.

  • Like any snack thief caught in the act, Amala immediately freezes when she hears her grandmother's voice.

    "Amala, put it back," her grandmother can be heard saying in a video she uploaded to Facebook on June 20. 

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  • She closes her eyes -- If I can't see grandma, she can't see me.

    But grandma knows exactly what's going on.

    "Open your eyes. I don't care that your eyes is closed," Vaughn continued.

  • Then Grandma warns that she needs to put the snacks back in the cabinet -- ASAP.

    It isn't until Vaughn asked her "Oh, you asleep?" that Amala opened her eyes.

  • The jig is up, kid!

    "Yeah, I see you," her grandmother told her, but clearly she's tickled.

  • The grandmother wasn't the only one who thought the little girl's antics were funny.

    The post has been shared over 35,000 times, and people were absolutely cracking up in the comments.

    "Omg! She has me in tears!" one person wrote in.

    "Lmao she so freakin cute....Drama Queen already..she nailed it though!!!" someone else commented.

    "Omg that's the cutest video," another person declared. "I'm gonna pretend sleep and see if that works for me."

    Come to think of it -- we think Amala might be on to something here ...

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