Grown Woman Throws a Toddler-esque Tantrum After Being Told She Needs To Wear a Mask in Costco

Cotsco Karen

No matter how much evidence there is that masks are actually helping slow the spread of the coronavirus, there are still people who refuse to use one. 

To me, it makes no sense. The small inconvenience of popping a mask on my face to take a trip the grocery store is small when compared to getting myself or others very, very sick

One person who might disagree with me is an anonymous woman in Las Vegas, Nevada, who has since been dubbed "Costco Karen" after she threw a temper tantrum when a staff member asked her to wear a mask in the store.

  • The whole thing was captured in a video that has since gone viral.

    Shared on the Twitter account @OnlyInLVNV on July 2, the video has been liked and shared by many who were not impressed by "Costco Karen's" meltdown.

    "New 'Costco Karen' Sighting," the caption of the video states. "Throws 3-year-old type tantrum-- sits on the floor and won’t leave because 'this is America..' --tries to lie about medical condition then changes her mind."

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  • First, a *very* patient Costco employee goes over to the woman, who had her mask hooked to her ear, but not covering her mouth.

    The video shows the woman at the returns desk telling a Costco employee that she has a "medical condition" when asked to put on her mask.

    But to the Costco employee that means she has even more reason to wear her mask -- not less.

    "You just have to tell me that you have [a mask]," she told the woman. "Well, then you have to wear it," she added after the woman pointed to her mask.

  • Then "Costco Karen" tries to pull the old, "I'm a United States citizen" card.

    But the employee reminded her that she has to "wear your mask in public." 

    "Costco is private property," she added, which means it is allowed to ask its customers to wear a mask while shopping. She then again asked the "Karen" to simply pull her mask across her face, but again the woman refused.

  • The Costco employee told her that employees can't help her "until you have your mask on."

    To which, Karen told her "no, I am not a member of Costco any longer."

    "OK, want me to get that taken care of for you?" the employee asked. "Well, then you’re going to have to put your mask on."

    "I will not," Karen fired back.

  • Then things go from heated to downright strange. 

    The Costco employee told Karen that she would need to come back another time if she kept refusing to put her mask on. But in typical Karen fashion -- she asked to see her manager.

    "If you want to step outside here I’ll have him come meet you outside," the employee told her. "You need to do that. It’s our policy. We’re going to walk outside."

    But as the employee tried to gently guide the Karen out the door, the woman decided to plonk down on the ground in protest.

  • The employee then offered to get Karen a chair to sit in -- outside the store.

    The employee even offered to help her up so she could move out of the way of other shoppers who were trying to leave, but again, the anonymous woman wasn't having it.

  • And if that Karen thought that a manager was going to back down to her tantrum-- well she had another thing coming to her.

    A follow up video shows a manager and another employee making their way over to the woman and again reminding her that she needs to wear a mask while shopping in the store.

    "We're not going to do this today," the manager told her.

    "I'm not going out," she fired back. "I have constitutional rights."

    He then gave her two choices: Wear a mask and shop or keep the mask off and leave.

    The video then cuts off so it's not clear how the interaction ended, but not before the manager told the woman, "You're not getting a refund."

  • People in the comments had some strong feelings about the situation.

    "Like dealing with a toddler having a temper tantrum," one person commented.

    "Oh enough of this nonsense," someone else commented. "The store has rules, if you don't like it shop somewhere else. Have her arrested for trespassing or whatever works to get her cooties out the door."

    "Store policy is wear a mask. She has a mask and knows she should wear it. She is just showing how arrogant and selfish she is and no doubt she’s proud of that. Shame on her," a third person chimed in.

    Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that a person has caused a scene because they didn't want to wear a mask while shopping. In May, shoppers in a Staten Island grocery store chased out one woman who refused to wear her mask while buying her groceries and in June another woman went viral for throwing her basket in a California  Trader Joes after being asked by an employee to wear a mask.

    These videos aren't funny. 

    They're infuriating, especially given that in June alone, new cases reported each day in the US have risen from about 14,790 on June 1 to 54,357 on July 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These numbers will only get worse if we all don't take care of ourselves and others by continuing to wash your hands, social distancing, and yes, wearing your dang mask.

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