Dad Accidentally Smashes Pregnant Mom in the Face With a Bat During a Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

gender reveal

Some parents spend tons of time planning the perfect gender reveal, but sometimes, even the best-laid plans don't work out. One couple probably didn't expect to go viral from a gender reveal fail early last week, but a baseball bat and one mom-to-be's head resulted in sudden internet fame.

  • Like most gender reveals, it started with the best intentions.

    The unnamed dad-to-be clearly was planning on smashing a baseball filled with powder that would reveal the gender of his unborn baby, noted a post to Twitter on April 16 by user @JRAF21. 

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  • First comes the windup.

    In the video, the man can be heard counting down. 

  • Cue the hit.

    Out comes a puff of blue smoke. It's a boy!

  • And then ... the second hit.

    It's a dinger! And by that we mean that after crushing the baseball, the man's ferocious swing dinged the mom-to-be right on the head.

  • Unfortunately, this gender reveal wasn't a home run.

    The man clearly saw that he hit his partner in the face, so he reached back to soothe the spot he hit. Then, the video cuts out, but we can only imagine the next 10 minutes were all apologies and ice packs.

  • More than a million people have watched the video online.

    Many people in the comments agreed: These people do not know how to play baseball.

    "Two things wrong here," one person wrote in the comments. "Don't swing a bat with people around you ... and never stand near someone else swinging."

    A second commenter agreed. "Obviously, he did not play baseball. First thing I do before swinging a bat or golf club is to be sure no one is around me," the person wrote.

    A third person was impressed that the man made contact (with the mom-to-be's head, that is). "The sound when it hits her in the coconut!" the person wrote.

    Although things didn't go the way that this couple planned, their snafu is a good lesson for anyone trying to go big with their gender reveal. Taking certain safety precautions is key.

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