#ForeverDuncan Might Be the Love Story of Our Generation -- & We're Obsessed

For some, Monday was just the start of another week. For others, it brought the sad realization that another #NationalBoyfriendDay came and went without their posting a cute photo. But for one woman, the weekend was an exciting new beginning, thanks to #ForeverDuncan. Let me back up for a moment: We're talking about Sherrell Woodward, an unsuspecting woman whose boyfriend of three years, Alfred Duncan, proposed to her this weekend. Sounds normal so far, so here's the kicker (and the reason they're going viral now): In addition to proposing, Alfred also planned a surprise wedding for Sherrell that happened just hours after his proposal. 


After Alfred got his then-girlfriend (and now wife) to accept what's being called a competitive date challenge, where she agreed to do anything he asked, he took over her phone so she couldn't see what was going on and documented the entire experience on her social media.

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Are you ready for this love overload? 

After proposing, the groom had loved ones on standby so they'd be ready to attend the ceremony. As for her dress, hair, and makeup, Alfred arranged for a stylist in a hotel room to tend to Sherrell, and convinced a friend to tell her that she was looking for a "fit model" to try out her latest fashion creation. 

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In between all of my swooning, I was a little skeptical -- many women get excited about planning their wedding day themselves, so would Sherrell feel like she missed out? However, she cleared the air on Good Morning Washington:

"He knows my heart, he knows I didn't want to plan a wedding ... I just wanted to go to the justice of peace and for him to be my husband."

And ultimately, my concerns were laid to rest because superficial details aside, love wins. So as I watched her walk down the aisle and proudly utter loving words to her groom at the altar, I couldn't shake my happiness. Sherell told him:

I'm so happy that you chose to do this with me ... I love you with my whole heart, baby. I can't imagine what life would be without you. I love you so much.

Love is always a beautiful thing, but this feels more special because it's black love, and that's something I feel like I rarely get to see in this generation. The entire thing just melted my heart.  


The couple has posted one final thank-you to everyone involved, but really, I want to thank them for restoring everyone's faith in chivalry, romance, and love in general. 

Thank you! #ForeverDuncan #SweetDREAMS #ShimmiesOFF

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Truly wishing nothing but the best for the newlyweds. Congratulations! 


Image via sherrellthetrainer/Instagram

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