Watch a Terrified Mom Beg Her Cop Colleagues to Stand Up for Justice (VIDEO)

The police are murdering black Americans every day all over the country. There's plenty of video evidence to back it up, and it's devastating. But I saw a glimmer of hope, courtesy of Nakia Jones -- a black police officer and mother of two black sons who has had enough and wants all to get behind her to help save lives. I'm in.  


After seeing the video of Alton Sterling's death, she was so angry and upset that she made a Facebook video to try to express what she was feeling. Watching the video, you quickly realize you're seeing a person whose entire world has been rocked. On one hand, there's her career as a police officer, a duty she explains she takes personally and is deeply proud of. But she's also a mother of two black sons, and the fear that something like this could happen to them is real and terrifying. The horror at the idea that her boys could be harmed at the hands of other officers "wearing blue," whom she calls her "brothers and sisters," seems to make it all the more heartbreaking and frightening.

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Even as a police officer, Jones, like many of us, doesn't see or experience this kind of police violence. Officer Jones said she wouldn't have believed this could happen either -- especially since she took an oath to make a difference in the community of color that she serves. But now everyone has a camera in his or her pocket and everyone can see what it's like to be a black person in America who encounters the type of police who commit these brutal acts. It's terrifying and none of us, police officer or not, gets to pretend like we don't know about it anymore. Not ever.

Watch Nakia Jones's raw, emotional video for yourself. It's already been viewed more than 5.5 million times.

So just like Officer Jones, now we have no way of not knowing that this is happening. We see it. People of color are being brutalized and murdered by racist police officers. It's happening all the time and it's time for every mother to get pissed.

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Officer Jones sure is. And she's pissed because she is not that kind of police officer. "What hurts me the most is the people that stood in front of the judge and stood in front of the mayor and said, 'I wear on my oath that I will serve and protect this community.' If you are white and you work in a black community and you are racist, you need to be ashamed of yourself," she cried. "How dare you stand next to me in the same uniform and murder somebody. How dare you. You oughta be ashamed of yourself."

Despite the terrible shadow being cast on law enforcement agencies all over the country, we also have to remember there are police officers out there like Nakia Jones, devoted to their communities and determined to make a difference. Police officers like Nakia Jones, who is begging her brothers and sisters in blue to speak up when one of them commits a horrible injustice.

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We also need to speak up when we see police acting inappropriately. We need to get involved in how our local city councils oversee our police departments. We need to protect our children, give them love and somewhere to be out of harm's way. 

There's nothing more powerful or formidable than a mother's love, and it's time for all of us to take Officer Jones's lead and start speaking up to save all of our kids' lives.


Image via Nakia Jones/Facebook


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