Nail Art Blogger Captivates Us With #PolishMountain & a New Trend Is Born (VIDEO)

YouTube Vlogger, Cristine Rotenberg

In a world filled with technology, even the oddest of anomalies doesn't seem all that odd anymore. I mean, honestly, we watch videos of people doing things like slurping spoonfuls of cinnamon, or poorly executing the running man, and the sh*t goes viral. Every. Single. Time. So when nail art vlogger Cristine Rotenberg decided to coat her nails with polish more than 100 times over (taking a total of 12 hours), she filmed it for her YouTube channel and blog Simply Nailogical -- and it wasn't much of a shock that the world wanted to see what #PolishMountain(s) were all about. 


Admittedly, I'll agree with her jokingly arrogant video description -- "BUBBLE NAILS AIN'T GOT SH*T ON THIS" -- as certainly all 9 million-plus viewers would agree. 

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After watching the video, I can only imagine having that type of time on my hands, or getting paid to make that kind of time in my already busy schedule.

Frankly, if we weren't in the business of keeping up with the latest, I don't even know that I could be bothered with 8 minutes and 36 seconds of this prolonged act of nail-bitingly suspensful fun -- simply because I literally don't even have the patience to wait for my own damn nails to dry. (I mess them up every time, fidgeting to move my hands -- I, too, repeatedly tell my nails to "dry, b*tch, dry.")

Yet, there were millions of viewers who couldn't resist hitting play, and you have to wonder why. And maybe the answer is as simple as its being an escape -- an escape from the mundane adult lives that we lead. And knowing that for at least eight minutes we can zone out in complete astonishment over this girl's level of commitment and, whether she believes it or not, patience for "the nails that neeever end." 

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In fact, she gets all the way to 40 strokes of the nail brush and decides to start over after realizing things just weren't working out at her particular rate of application. That can only be perceived as two things -- either insanity or pure dedication.

BUBBLE NAILS CAN EAT ME BETCH MUHAHA new video ð���link in bioð��� you guys challenged me to put as many coats of nail polish as I could on my nailsð���... And I listened because it was a very wise recommendation. COME TO #POLISHMOUNTAIN WITH MEEEY CHARRRLIEEEð�¦ï¿½ð�¦ï¿½ð�¦ï¿½ Also subscribe to my YouTubeð��¥ channel Simply Nailogical because we gonna unlock a holosexual giveaway at 1M subsð���ð��� but also because I spent aprox. 13828 hours filming and editing this video ð���ð��« it was fun you should def want to be a youtuber when you grow upð��� â�¡ï¸ï¿½ Watch my snapchat story while it's still up to see the nightmare of editing this video took! ð��»: simplynailogica (yes no "L") #polishmountain #sanitylost ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���ð���

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But, hey, what do I know? Perhaps her words "you won't regret it" were just far more persuasive than any of us could've truly imagined. 

Nevertheless, if you're into random dialogue and wacky Pinterest art projects (and you are) -- this video is thee video for you


Image via Simply Nailogical/YouTube 

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