8 Ways 'Chewbacca Mom' Is Giving Us Life

Candace Payne, Chewbacca Mom

Ever since Chewbacca Mom, better known to friends and family as Candace Payne, has gone viral for her excitement-filled video, she's gained a great following -- 711,991 Facebook followers, to be exact, and a ton of attention, with over 145 million views. From interviews with Good Morning America to her appearance on the The Late Late Show, this mom was bestowed 15 minutes of fame after she shared her hilarious purchase with the world: a Star Wars Chewbacca mask from Kohl's.


While the video seems normal enough, it was her infectious laughter and innocent fun that drew both us and the rest of America to her. In the past week (er, "the best week ever," as Payne recalls it), we've only grown to love her more in that she just keeps on giving us life. How so? Oh, let us count the ways -- eight ways, specifically. 

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1. She showed us the meaning of crazy confidence. I can count on one hand just how many f*cks she gave about embarrassing herself with this hysterical video, let alone her children (whom she names). 

2. She reminds us to be happier humans. Her contagious laugh is basically the soundtrack for the "simple joys" in life. 

3. She gives us #goals. She got to take James Corden to work during her 15 minutes of fame -- with J.J. Abrams. What the entire f*ck, our green monster is oozing out. 

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4. She got a $2,500 shopping spree on Kohl's. (Eh, simply put, we just need that.)

5. She made us want a Chewbacca mask of our own after she received a sh*t ton of Star Wars toys; thus, Chewbacca masks for everyone! (Adopt us?)

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6. Um, more #goals?! Beyond going to the Facebook headquarters, she's now Facebook official with her verified badge. (Damn it, I have personally been trying to be verified for years.)

7. She's refreshingly humble. THIS is a lesson on how to deal with fame (should we need it).

8. She keeps our celebrity meet-and-greet dreams alive. She kinda legit met Chewie.

We're certain that there's even more to love about this woman, so we can only hope that we continue to learn more about the beautiful soul who brought us Chewbacca Mom. 


Image via Candace Payne/Facebook

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