Watch What Happens When Nice Guys Read Vile Tweets That Female Reporters Get Every. Damn. Day

Julie DiCaro

Many times when we think about bullying, we think about children on the playground or catty teenagers. But truthfully the only thing that changes is that once you become an adult, bullying becomes illegal and is better known as this little thing called harassment. And while we've got guidelines to protect us from our coworkers in the office place, there's not much that protects us from those hiding behind browsers. What happens when you don't know the people spewing vicious words at you? What happens when it becomes a norm in your everyday work life? While reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro may not have those answers, they set out to shed light on the harassment women in sports media face.


The two were featured in Just Not Sports's video promoting the hashtag #MoreThanMean. In the video, men were asked to read the most outrageous, twisted, and hateful tweets that these women received. People started out with childish commentary, like calling Spain a "scrub muffin." But the messages quickly turned vile with their sexist, violent words. You can't even begin to imagine the comments that were directed at these ladies -- it went far beyond a little name-calling. 

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Although the ladies were able to preview the messages ahead of time, I'm certain that didn't make them any less difficult to hear as they allowed total strangers to read them. You were able to see the discomfort resurfacing in their eyes. And while the words weren't meant for me, I felt violated just listening, as anonymous Twitter users wished death on their dogs and made light of Bill Cosby's allegations, with comments such as, "Hopefully this skank Julie DiCaro is Bill Cosby's next victim. That would be classic." Other comments read, "I hope your boyfriend beats you" and "You need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed."

As the men read these uncomfortable messages, the camera showed some of them tearing up and apologizing prior to the next attack. In the end they all apologized on behalf of the people who made these statements, with a discomfort and sadness that truly brought the depths of harassment against women to life. 

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There's not one person who should be comfortable while watching this and hearing those things. That wasn't just an attack on the two ladies featured -- these tweets were an attack on every one of us. But, it ultimately comes down to everyone, men and women, to help bring justice to all types of harassment, especially within the workplace, as work accounts for much of our day.  

While this video puts voices to the a**holes who dare to say these awful things, it's time we put our voices in the forefront and tell these stories more.


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