Cookie Monster Is Every Mom Waiting for the Oven Timer in New iPhone Siri Ad (VIDEO)

If I had to pick a very favorite Muppet or Sesame Street character, it would have to be Grover. But the one I relate to the most is probably Cookie Monster -- especially in this new commercial for iPhone's Siri feature, which perfectly illustrates the frustration that comes with waiting for the cookies to be done. 


Just watch and I bet you'll recognize yourself (or, at the very least, your children) in the following ad: 

There are so many cute little details in this spot. I mean, Cookie is baking cookies -- but did you catch everything around him? 

He has two boxes of cookies and two cookie jars filled with cookies! But, of course, he still needs more. (Remind you of your kids?)

At one point he just gives up and starts eating his cooking utensils. 

And then there's this moment when he goes outside to peek in the window.

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We all feel you, Cookie. This video is definitely one to share with your kids and all your cookie-loving friends on Facebook! Because, especially as moms, we really have all been there.


Images via Apple/YouTube 

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