Teacher's 'Snow Day' Parody of Adele's 'Hello' Is Pretty Spot-On (VIDEO)

This teacher loves snow days even more than your kids do, if that's possible. Third grade teacher Mary Morris created "Snow," a parody of Adele's insanely popular single "Hello," and I bet it's how every elementary school teacher feels when the temp starts to drop below freezing.


Apparently, Morris sang her parody version of the song to her colleagues at Rush Strong School in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, and got such an awesome response that she decided to put together a video with the help of a talented friend.

Oh man, can you relate to that or what? If you think it's hard having a couple of school-aged kids at home on a snow day, imagine what it must be like for a teacher, balancing 30 or more antsy kids with cabin fever!

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The chorus pretty much sums up those sentiments. "If it's got to be so cold/The least that it could do is snow/If I have to keep my students inside/One more time, for recess, I'm gonna lose my mind."

Here's to snow days!


Image via Mary Morris/YouTube

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