Toddler Responds to Adele's 'Hello' in Cutest Way Imaginable (VIDEO)

Adele is back and wooing a whole new generation of fans with the release of her latest hit "Hello." Just check out this adorable video of toddler Jalal Hijaz, who, like the rest of the world, feels like Adele is singing just to him.


The quickie Vine vid shows the 15-month-old Tampa, Florida, toddler hanging out on the couch with his dad, Wael, when the powerful, moody first "Hello" from Adele's new song suddenly plays. Jalal, being the polite little gent he is, replied in a totally reasonable way that I'm sure made his parents proud.

"Hi!" he says in a friendly response to Adele.

This video is particularly funny for anyone who's ever parented a toddler. There's nothing more awkward than someone trying to greet your baby with a happy "Hello!" and having your kid just stand there stunned with a finger up his or her nose like a mute.

"Say hello!" we screech intensely. "Say thank you and nice to see you!" It's a dance all parents have to do to teach their kids basic social skills, and Jalal clearly has his down pat.

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The cute video of Adele's newest fan is burning up the Internet almost as quickly as the flaxen-haired diva is herself, with more than 24 million Vine loops in just three days.

"We enjoy capturing all his crazy moments," Wael told Today. "He has a strong love for music, and as Adele fans ourselves we hope to think he will be, too."

Now say "bye," Jalal! Byeeeeeee!



Image via Nasser Hijan / Vine

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