Amber Rose Does the 'Walk of No Shame' to Stand Up for Sexy, Single Women (VIDEO)

I am pleased to report that Amber Rose has killed the infamous "Walk of Shame." In one of the happiest Funny or Die videos I've ever watched, Amber Rose demonstrates the Walk of No Shame, and the morning after will never be the same for womankind.


So, you had sex with someone you just met, you slept at his place, and now you have to go home in your party dress, mascara all smeared. What's the big deal? You got laid, lady! People should be high-fiving you, not judging. And that's exactly what happens to Amber.

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in this world? It would probably be a world with easy access to affordable birth control for all. That would be fantastic, and by fantastic I mean a total fantasy.

I'd like to point out in particular how the women in this video treat Amber Rose. In real life, women are among her worst critics. We women just love to slut-shame, don't we? Why? I have to suspect some of us are envious of all the sex other women are having. Otherwise, what difference does it make to you?

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In Amber's fantasy some of the women are still envious, but in an admiring, wistful way. They're not mad at Amber for having all the sex. There's plenty to go around! Nope, they're just happy for her. Why can't we be more like that?

THE KEY TO THE CITY, YOU GUYS! Because of Amber's confidence in the choices she makes and the ability to celebrate her body! Where's my key? And YOUR key?

And hey, why has there never been a walk of shame for men? Just wondering.


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