Dog Learns to Say 'Mama' Before 8-Month-Old So That He Can Get a Treat (VIDEO)

dog that says mamaUtah mom Andrea Diaz-Giovanini is trying to get her 9-month-old son Samuel to say "Mama," and she's using some yummy food on a fork to get him to say it. Their dog, an Australian Shepherd named Patches, is there too, and he decides that he wants a taste -- and so it's the dog who says "Mama" first. Yes! A talking dog!


Hear it for yourself in the video below:

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Patches is already 10 years old so it's about time he started speaking, right? I know. I know. He's a dog. Makes me think that dogs can talk, but they choose not to because, well, talking is exhausting and lying around the house or chasing cats or getting fleas is much more fun. But once a human baby enters the home, fur baby has some serious competition. Patches steps up his game.

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I will admit that I am not a dog person, but this dog? I love him! He may not be baby Samuel's favorite "person" right now, though. He's getting all the attention and Samuel knows it. That's why he tries to swat him away as if to say That's MY mama, buddy!

Patches, though, is saying Sorry, kid. Even though she technically didn't "make" me, I'll always be her first.

This kid's got to learn "dada" first or else.


Image via Sam Giovanini / YouTube

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