Owl's Confrontation With a Cop Is a Hoot (VIDEO)

Owl in middle of roadMove over, playful puppies and adorable kittens. This tenacious baby owl just won the Internet -- and all it had to do was stare down a Colorado deputy sheriff who caught their mid-trail confrontation on camera. 


Of course, despite the owl "clicking" back when the Boulder County officer asked "what's up?", no arrests were made -- and the bird (a Northern Saw-whet owl) simply flew away after questioning.

Can you just imagine the officer asking the owl why it crossed the road? Well, bad jokes aside, the sheriff's office was quite taken with the standoff and even created a hashtag -- #DeputiesLoveBabyOwls -- for the occasion.

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We're not sure that hashtag will actually trend -- let alone ever be used again -- but this owl is definitely having its 15 minutes of viral fame. Well played.


Image via Boulder County BOCC/YouTube

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