Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Ode to 'Sexy Mothas' Makes Us Love Him Even More (VIDEO)

joseph gordon-levit

So what does Joseph Gordon-Levitt find sexy? It's not what you think. In a hilarious new viral video, the actor croons that curvy single ladies don't hold a candle to the magnetism of moms.


In the video, Gordon-Levitt enumerates all the reasons "moms with a child drive him wild": They eat organic, read Dr. Seuss, have big, fat ... vocabularies. And far more. Check it out below:

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You've gotta love how they crash a PTA meeting to hit on the moms. And those lyrics! "Give my chromosomes a happy home"? "Someday you could be a grandma that's twice as hot"? Hilarious. Also, in case you missed it, Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz makes a guest appearance as a sexy mom.

Moms are extolled for their virtues all the time -- for their selflessness, their sensitivity, their common-sense attitude ... but their sexiness? Never. Which is why this video is refreshing, even if it's in jest.

All of which bodes well for Gordon-Levitt's wife. She's not a mom yet, but clearly the day they go down that path, her husband will be very excited.


Image via schmoyoho/YouTube

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