Graduation Ceremony Turns Into Taylor Swift Flash Mob & Parents Can’t Take It

It's graduation season, which means that it's likely that you or someone you know has been or will be forced to sit through hours of sweaty, tedium boredom, in order to watch one person walk across a stage for seven seconds. Of course it's totally worth it to celebrate their accomplishment, but wouldn't it be awesome if all graduation ceremonies had a flash mob?


I'm just saying that I wouldn't hate it if this sort of thing happened at a graduation that I was attending. Actually, I'd love it!

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Colin Yost, the valedictorian at Portsmouth High School in New Hampshire, did something that may be even more awesome than coming in at the top of his class. He not only got the graduating class to participate in a flash mob to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," he got the faculty to facilitate it!

Do you love it? Yost told MTV News, "I've always wanted to do a flash mob and I thought graduation would be the perfect place because our class is very cohesive and doesn't really have a lot of cliques."

He continued, "I was listening to 'Shake It Off' in the car and I thought that would be great for a flash mob so I talked to a few of my friends about making it happen."

From there, he got a stage manager friend to handle the music, while a couple others helped choreograph the number. Then he secretly shared the dance steps on YouTube with his classmates, and school administration let them practice it five times in scheduled graduation rehearsals.

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"As we practiced, the energy was just building and everyone was feeling how great it was to work together and send this positive message," Yost gushed about the plans.

This is such a cool event, not just because it looks awesome, but also because it's nice to see teens working together to create something amazing.

Do you wish this happened at your high school graduation?


Image via Colin Yost/YouTube

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