Louis C.K. Jokingly Compares Sex With Kids to Candy Bars on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

As the host of the final Saturday Night Live episode of the season, comedian Louis C.K. boldy went where few funny hosts have dared to go: he joked about sexual molestation. And molesting boys. And, calm down Internet, because it was funny.


The theme of Louis' opening monologue was the 1970s, a time when he joked, it was normal to be "slightly racist" and everyone knew the town child molester, but did very little about him except warn their kids to stay far, far away, no matter how many offers of McDonald's burgers he put out there.

As you'll see, Louis took things much farther than we're used to, by comparing his love for Mounds chocolate bars to what he guesses is a sexual predator's love for little boys. A few folks have spoken out about the inappropriateness of his jokes — watch and see what you think:


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Admittedly, I don't consider myself someone who is easily offended. But when I read Twitter comments from people who felt shocked about his sexual molestation jokes, I wondered whether they had watched the monologue all the way through. Louis makes it clear that the insanity of continuing to molest children, while knowing the consequences, is just as incomprehensible as continuing to eat candy bars if someone tells you you'll go to jail and everyone will hate you if you continue to indulge.

He isn't excusing child molestation or glorifying it — he calls it crazy and makes mention of the damage a predator causes to a child.

Obviously, he's downplaying the severity of the issue, but he wasn't hired to appear on SNL and make a public service announcement. If we don't allow comedians to push the envelope, we're not allowing them to do their jobs. And, at the end of the day, SNL isn't forcing you to watch the show.

Were you offended by Louis C.K.'s jokes on SNL?


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