Girls Battling Not to Eat a Cockroach on Game Show Is Hilarious -- Until One of Them Loses (VIDEO)

Here's a question that'll reveal a lot about who you are: If you were playing a friendly game where the loser ends up with a cockroach in their mouth, what kinds of trickery would you come up with to win? Tickling? Kicking? Murder??


It's a question that two women on a Japanese game show were faced with because guess what: They had to play a game that ended in one of them swallowing a cockroach. Are you ready for the worst 12 seconds of your life?

In an amazing feat of restraint, neither one of them punched the other in the stomach underneath the table. Incredible!

Some commentors (who are, perhaps, entomologists by night?) have been arguing that the bug in the tube is a cicada, not a cockroach. But guys. Really? Does that make this any less gross??

The game show is called AKBingo, and it mostly seems to involve girls eating bugs. But we're not experts. And anyways, I guess they've gotta get their protein somewhere ... right?

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Anyways, this game is genius. Frats across the country are adopting this as a new hazing ritual. Moms of bickering kids are using it to decide who gets to sit in the front seat. Teenagers are replacing Spin the Bottle with this new party game ('cause you're swapping the same germs, right?). 

And if you can handle it, PLEASE rewatch just for the reactions of the spectators in the background. P-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s.

Exactly how much money would it take for you to play this game? $500? $5,000? $5 million?!


Image via Daily Haze/YouTube

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