Matt LeBlanc Still Remembers 'Friends' Songs & Proves It By Singing Them (VIDEO)

If you're a fan of Friends, there are certain scenes that you'll never forget. Like the one where Matt LeBlanc's Joey discovers he has a hand twin while at a Las Vegas casino and proceeds to create his own song about it. Matt proved he isn't just a good sport when he made a guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show and agreed to sing some of his old tunes, but that he also has one wicked memory.


Joey Tribbiani is a goofball on Friends, and we loved to make fun of him for his womanizing, bad acting ways, but he was also a harmless sweetie pie who would break out into song at a moment's notice. So adorable. Check out Matt as he recalls the hand song, as well as "All you want is a dingle:"

I've always liked Matt, but I have to admit: I didn't realize how talented an actor he truly is until I watched him in Showtime's Episodes, in which he plays a cocky aging actor. The role is perfect for him.

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I think I speak for a great number of us when I say: more Friends reunion bits, please. I guess it might be a little annoying for some of the show's stars to always have to field questions about the sitcom, but Matt seems to be cool with the fact that he owes his success and wealth to Friends—which is nothing in which to be ashamed.

Do you remember these songs from Friends? Are you watching Episodes?


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