Mom Beats Son for Rioting in Baltimore & It Goes Viral (VIDEO)

mother beats son after baltimore riotsWhile protesters riot in the Baltimore streets in response to the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, one mom is taking matters into her own hands and teaching her son a lesson. A video has gone viral of the alleged mom pulling her young son away from the violent riots and beating him for his participation.


The youth was allegedly throwing rocks at police, but mom decided to drag him away from the crowd and deliver a physical and verbal smack-down. Take a look at the exchange, as it was caught by television news cameras. Warning: Video contains strong language:

Since the video's premiere, many have called her "Mother of the Year," and the Baltimore Police have even requested that other parents remove their children from the riots:

Clearly, Mom has had enough. Impressively enough, she was able to locate him in the crowd and immediately pull him away and home.

While many are praising her for her "take charge" attitude and for not holding back when it comes to disciplining her son, it's not hard to miss the irony. Hitting him to drive the anti-violence message across is certainly a controversial step to take.

From the looks of the video, the anger and reaction seems to be out of frustration. As a parent, she has stepped in and removed her son from the riot, and that's an understandable and fair move to make. The reaction that follows, however, can drive criticism. Being violent while teaching him to not act similarly seems entirely counter-intuitive and somewhat hypocritical. But taking him away? Perfectly reasonable.

She cared enough and, in front of the crowd and cameras, made a show of taking him home. The excessive force and reaction only further drove her point home, but showing him that she's not hesitant to draw him away -- and for his own good -- is just a sign of good parenting.

Do you think what the mother did here was right?



Image via ABC 2 News - WMAR/YouTube

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