Girl Forced to Leave Parents & Live With Woman In Tragic Mistaken Identity Case (VIDEO)

A 14-year-old girl from Mexico was forced to leave her parents in Mexico and go live in Houston with a woman she had never met who claimed she was her real mother. Alondra Luna Nunez was escorted from a courthouse straight into a police patrol car after a judge determined she was Dorotea Garcia's daughter and believed Garcia's claim that Alondra had been kidnapped by her ex-husband and brought to Mexico in 2007. The footage caught of Alondra screaming as she makes her way from the only home she has ever known, coupled with the actual truth of the situation, will leave you horrified.


If you can believe it, the judge in this case didn't even conduct a DNA test prior to shipping Alondra off—much to the shock of her parents in Mexico. Protesters stood on the highway to block the patrol car headed for the airport and a social media campaign was launched to save Alondra, but she was still sent to live with Garcia. Here's her heartbreaking reaction:

I can't even imagine how this little girl feels being separated from her parents and told, out of the blue, that everything she thought was true about her life was a lie and that she didn't even know her real mother.

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As it turns out, the judge was dead wrong. Alondra shares the same name as Garcia's daughter, but they aren't the same person. Garcia's daughter is actually one year younger than the teen and is living with her father, who happens to be one of the family's distant relatives.

A DNA test was finally ordered and it was determined that Alondra is not Garcia's daughter.

Before we applaud this, we should remember the test was only ordered after Mexico felt intense pressure from the international community to do its homework and fact check before potentially ruining the lives of several people, including a child. It's pretty shocking to know that, in this day and age, a crucial court decision like this one can be passed down without all parties involved carefully dotting their i's and crossing their t's, but there you have it: proof that we must remain vigilant of world affairs and stand up and say something when we see examples of injustice.

The good news is that Alondra was flown back to Mexico from the U.S. on Wednesday, where she has been reunited with her parents.

Are you surprised something like this happened and that a DNA test wasn't automatically ordered?


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