Michelle Obama Turns Awkward Question About Her Age Into Adorable Moment (VIDEO)

"How old are you?" is one of those questions no woman ever really wants to be asked, because the answer we have to give is never the one we want to give. But when Michelle Obama was asked this, she dealt with it gracefully and was rewarded with the best response ever: "You're too young to be 51!"


The question came from a little girl who was taking part in a Q&A with Michelle during the White House's annual "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day." Watch the entire adorable exchange here:

THANK GOD FOR KIDS, right? Their brutal honesty (or, you know, basic lack of a filter) can be harsh at times, but that only means that their compliments are worth so, so much more because you KNOW they're true.

And being told you look young and healthy? That's a compliment that's always nice to hear, especially when you're in the spotlight as much as Michelle is and constantly under critique. 

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The kids who interviewed the First Lady were the children of the Executive Office employees, as well as local youth from the Boys and Girls Club and D.C. Child and Family Services.

It was probably a big day for those kids, and it makes you wonder what other kinds of questions Michelle got during this Q&A. But it's probably safe to assume that none of them resulted in this much cuteness.

I mean, this whole scenario makes us want to hug little Anaya Brodie for being so stinkin' cute. And then hug Michelle for being pretty great herself.

Have children ever you asked you about your age before? How do you respond?


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