Sizzler Ad From 1991 Resurfaces & It Will Make You Love America More Than Ever (VIDEO)

Just in case you needed a reminder of the glory that is America, a Sizzler ad from 1991 has gone viral after being posted on Reddit on Tuesday. You might think a 24-year-old, five-minute long commercial isn't worth your time -- and you'd be wrong. Very, very wrong.


With all the buzz recently about who's running for president in 2016, I think we should nominate Sizzler. This promo is so damn patriotic, you'll be weeping into your affordably priced steakhouse buffet dinner and demanding to know where to cast your vote.

As the voice-over in the ad proclaims, "Sizzler is the choice for America."

It has everything -- kids playing baseball, middle-aged joggers with terry sweatbands, cowboys, a sailor with his sweetheart -- if you don't want to wrap yourself in an American flag after watching this, I can't help you.

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Add to that the soft-focus filter phenomenon of the early 90s, high-waisted jeans, and poofy bangs ... this commercial is basically perfect.

Sneeze guards, we salute you.

What's your favorite throwback about this video?


Image via Rachel Redhouse/YouTube

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