Madonna Performs on Jimmy Fallon Without Autotune and It's a Little Scary (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon has some kind of black magic that gives him the very specific power of convincing celebrities to do dumb stuff. Or at least get their guard down enough so they do something totally unusual and out of their comfort zone. And his latest victim, Madonna, did something REALLY scary last night: she performed without effects.


Yowza. She's not, um, at her best. Does she sound like a mangled cat? You be the judge:

So, sure. It says a lot about just how much work computers can do with a good engineer behind the controls (a lot, in case you were wondering). But were you still dancing in your chair? You were, we know it. Because that song is amazing, kazoos and forgotten lyrics aside.

The Music Room in the Tomight Show studios is a "classroom instruments"-only space, which means you'll see cowbells and whistles instead of sound boards and drum machines and whatever else pop music uses these days. 

So sorry, Madonna, because that means no autotune.

And apparently, a banana counts as a "classroom instrument" now, because in what might be the best thing we've seen all day, there's a dude just shaking a banana for the full 2 minutes and 19 seconds. (Lower right hand corner, if you're interested.)

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Anyways: Madonna. Her singing is not spectacular (or even good, really) but we will keep watching this video because of the waves of nostalgia she sent crashing over us. 

She's been making amazing tunes for more that 30 years now, which gives her so much power over us. What was the best song played at your prom? Probably Madonna. College parties? Madonna. Who did you spend hours trying to imitate the dance moves of? Admit it -- Madonna.

It's not like watching her butcher "Holiday" is shattering any fantasies for us, or really changing the way we feel about her at all. We all pretty much knew that Madonna songs are like, 60 percent computer anyways. And you know what? We love her anyways.

So EXCUSE US as we go watch Madonna music videos for the rest of the day.

What did you think of Madonna's performance on Jimmy Fallon?


Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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