Rihanna Breaks Into Jimmy Kimmel's Bedroom to Pull the Ultimate Prank (VIDEO)

If you surveyed 1,000 men, 999.9 of them would likely kill to wake up and find Rihanna crawling around their bed, all decked out in one of her slick, hot, very-Rihanna outfits. The singer pulled the ultimate April Fool's prank on Jimmy Kimmel by crashing his bedroom, but the result was a little less sexy and a lot more hilarious than we're guessing the late night show host had ever imagined.


Rihanna thought it might be fun to turn the tables on Jimmy, who is known for orchestrating his own pranks on both unsuspecting celebrities and non-celebs. With the help of his wife, the singer and her entourage broke into his home and bedroom—and likely tore up his bed sheets by forgetting to remove the world's spikiest platform shoes. Check out the mayhem:

This is exactly how I picture Rihanna spending her nights, by the way, when she isn't partying with Leonardo DiCaprio or throwing water balloons off of hotel balconies in St. Barths. Judging by Kimmel's shocked reaction and inability to fully comprehend what was happening in his room until at least two full minutes had passed, I am going to declare this prank a totally unexpected, unstaged one—and a success.

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You just know Kimmel isn't going to let this slide. I'm imagining it will be slightly more challenging for him to gain entry into Rihanna's home and bedroom, but it's only a matter of time before she gets payback.

What do you think about Rihanna's prank?


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