'Game of Thrones' & Taylor Swift Mashup Is Hilarious & Sadly TRUE (VIDEO)

Games of Thrones' director George R.R. Martin is ruthless. He killed off Ned Stark. Ygritte—dead. Joffrey? So what if it's your wedding day—you must die. And, perhaps the worst death so far: Khal Drogo. The show's season premiere is a little more than a month away, and Nerdist has urged Martin to leave one beloved character alone, by creating a hilarious Game of Thrones/Taylor Swift Blank Space mashup video.


Daenerys Targaryen is totally going to die this season. We can feel it in our bones. The Queen of Dragons is the most iconic character on the show and a fascinating one. But, given Martin's track record, we live in mortal fear that each season will be her last. Killing great characters is just what he does.

So, the folks at Nerdist hired actors who actually resemble the real Martin and Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys, and created a mashup using Swift's Blank Space because, as they explain, "He can kill any character he wants to, and sometimes it seems as though he revels in being able to transform a blank page into a death scene."

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In the vid, Martin warns Daenerys of all the many ways he can make her go poof, from allowing her to die during a sword fight to letting dragon fire consume her.

Personally, I see a far more memorable death headed her way—if Martin actually proves he has no heart AT ALL and is capable of killing her. Don't do it!

Do you think Daeryns is going to be killed off? Which character is next on the chopping block?


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