Giant Octopus Escape Makes Us Root for Captive Animals Everywhere (VIDEO)

An absolutely enormous octopus named "Ink" has become a viral video sensation after he was caught trying to escape his tank at the Seattle Aquarium this week. Although workers at the aquarium see things a bit differently—they say the eight-legged wonder was curiously exploring his surroundings ... mmhmm—it's anybody's guess what motivated him to try and hop the fence.


Ink is a Giant Pacific Octopus who was discovered in Puget Sound. While the aquarium recently released two of the big guy's "brothers" back into the Sound, Ink is a newcomer to the museum and staff say he was merely "exploring his boundaries." Workers were able to catch him and put him back in the tank before he escaped—not that that was his plan or anything.

Here's the Great Houdini of aquatic life, appearing to be perfectly content and happy in his tank:

What an amazing creature. Surely the aquarium was only planning to temporarily keep Ink in an open tank, right? He reminds me of a toddler who is going to climb out of his crib come hell or high water.

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Of course, this octopus isn't the first animal to be caught attempting to break free explore. In honor of Ink, we rounded up a few other suspects.

This cat wowed us with his breaking and entering skills:

Remember this cutie pie?

This little guy used what we hope was his future owner's arm to high-tail it out of his cage:

Slowly, but surely:

Ugh—so close!

Do you think the octopus was trying to escape or simply exploring?


Image via Karen/Flickr


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