Guy's Snapchat Resume Is Part Brilliant Part Terrifying (VIDEO)

I know times have changed. I know we have to keep up or else risk being swept away by the tide. But, if one young man's ridiculous Snapchat video resume is any indication of where attitudes in the workplace are heading, I'd like to be carried out to sea immediately.


A twenty-something named Eli really wants a job at Snapchat, which is a photo and video app that allows the user to send a quick message to friends that will then disappear into the ether after a few seconds (assuming that friend doesn't quickly take a screenshot of your embarrasing photo and post it online).

But instead of sending a traditional paper resume, which he says he "hates" because he doesn't think "a piece of paper can encapsulate anybody," he created a three minute video that shows the company why he'd be a perfect candidate for the position.

He's a "multitasking rockstar" because he can ride a bike on the beach while twirling a basketball on his finger and taking a selfie.

He's an "experienced researcher" who can Google the phrase "why is my poop green."

He proves he's a "strong writer" by wearing a barbell on his wrist and breaking a pencil while attempting to write on paper. He then eloquently uses the word "sh*t" when he breaks his writing tool, to, I guess, prove he has strong language skills.

Look, I don't mean to come down hard on this young man because I think it's very clever of him to use Snapchat in order to be considered for a position at the company he's trying to impress. They'll love that he knows their app inside and out. He's definitely going to get attention and stand out from other candidates, which is a crucial first step in securing a face-to-face interview.

As I watched this, I remembered reading about a fashion stylist who, as a young teen, sent Anna Wintour a letter expressing her desire to work in the fashion industry, along with some sweet cut-outs of outfits she "created," probably using paper and glue.

Here's why Wintour wrote her back: as unorthodox as it may seem to send the editor of Vogue clippings from a magazine, it showed that she was completely serious about her career and a total professional.

If you're going to buck tradition, you should make sure you still come off as a person who is going to value your job and not someone who is going to curse or be all like, "hey man, it's cool" the first time you meet your potential future employer. No one is hiring you because you have a cool personality. You still need to prove you have what it takes by showcasing those skills the job requires.

In other words: the job is bigger than you.

And, in my old lady opinion, proving this also means sending a traditional resume with your video because there's a possibility one of your employers is older than 35 and still believes you should be able to write in English.

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I know, I know, I'm an awful curmudgeon. Like I said, it's a clever video and I hope this man makes it to the interview stage because I'm sure he is intelligent and qualified. But I'd hate to think of other young people following his example. Few companies outside of cool, hip tech startups—and, given the fact that Snapchat is now worth billions, I question whether we can even use the "s" word to describe it again—are going to take something like seriously.

Get the job first. Then relax. And then stop relaxing and treat it like a job. 

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