'Live Action Frozen' Perfectly Shows How We All Feel About Elsa Right Now (VIDEO)

bella thorne mae whitman frozenSince it seems that most of America is frozen right now with subzero temps frostbiting our faces, we not only have to blame Elsa but find ways to laugh about it. Enter Bella Thorne and Mae Whitman cast as our favorite sisters Anna and Elsa, respectively, and bringing us Live Action Frozen thanks to Funny or Die. It's clear we all hate Elsa right now.


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In this parody, we get to go behind the scenes deep in The Arctic Circle (which is almost Anytown, USA, right now) to watch as Elsa's cheeks get more and more red until they are blue with frostbite. I feel her pain! She gets pelted with snow over and over and over again. Anna isn't very nice, not letting her big sister have an mittens and she doesn't want to share her scarf. Elsa likes it cold, right? At least that's what we all thought.

It's clear Anna isn't Elsa's biggest fan -- she "forgets" her name calling her Celsius. Fitting. I can't say I'm happy about the Ice Queen right now either. I'm currently looking at a -4 degree forecast for the night and that's without the windchill. (If you're in an area with over 30 degree temps, then please make room for me in your home. I'm ready to flee the cold.)

I think we end up losing her at the end. Poor Elsa, icicles hanging from eyebrows. I thought the cold never bothered her anyway?

Are you freezing and blaming Elsa, too?

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