Man Busted Seeing '50 Shades' Alone & We Can Feel His Shame From Here (VIDEO)

man caught seeing 50 shades

When I saw Fifty Shades of Grey last weekend (yes, I saw it; I’m not embarrassed to admit I went to go see a naughty movie about people getting it on, but I’ll also say that given the anticipation built up around the film and the resulting cultural obsession, even if it was called Fifty Things Rotting in the Crisper Drawer I would have had to have seen it just on FOMO principles) I noticed I was one of many, many women in the theater — and very few men. By and large, dudes seem a little reluctant to be caught checking out the hot big-screen spanking action, as hilariously evidenced by the viral video of a man busted on a solo trip to the film.


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A Danish local news channel was recently filming inside a theater before one of the 50 Shades premieres, stopping random passersby for interviews. A woman cheerfully gives her impression of the film, but keep your eye on the background for Lurky McOhCraperton, because his reaction is pretty priceless:


Haaaaaaaaaaa! I love how he’s visibly casting about for a hole in the earth to fall into. You can actually see his thought process driving him: Just casually walking in the theater by myself, no big deal, totally just checking out some kinky softcore porn like you do, oh god is that a camera back up back up back up BACK UP oh shit oh shit nowhere to hide can’t escape oh crap can’t wait it out okay just go for it dude just head down just go go go go go GO.

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I for one salute you, sir. It can’t be easy stepping into a theater of women to watch this movie, but you handled it like a … well, you did it, and that’s what counts.

How bad do you feel for this guy?

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