'Adult Wednesday Addams' Takes on Street Harassment With Goth Perfection (VIDEO)

Have you seen the best new thing on YouTube yet? It's Adult Wednesday Addams, and yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. It's a web series based on The Addams Family daughter, Wednesday, and anyone whoever enjoyed this gloriously Gothic character and her warped sense of humor has to stop whatever they're doing and start watching now. Especially as Wednesday Addams takes on rude catcallers and puts them in their righteous place.


Melissa Hunter is clearly a genius, and her latest web short is basically what all of us females wish we could do when confronted by creepy catcallers on the street.

Sure, we get told it's supposed to be flattery, but some of these guys on the street go way to far, and it's creepster city. There is nothing flattering about a random stranger saying they'd like to do you, mmmkay? Just no.

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Sometimes it's just gross, sometimes it may be scary, but every woman who has been made to feel uncomfortable by an overly forward man pretending to himself that he's just complimenting her will enjoy this video.

Wednesday is randomly catcalled on the street by a couple of D-bags in a truck, so she hunts them down by the scent of their Axe body spray and confronts them at their own home. They may think she's there for some action, because they are really that full of themselves, but our heroine has a different idea in order to not only extract revenge, but also to give them a valuable lesson.

Watch to the end, it's worth it.


Do you think catcalls are insulting to women?


Image via melissahunter/YouTube

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