​Woman 'Molested' on Flight Gives Creep Exactly What He Deserves (VIDEO)

Many women have stories about times when they were touched inappropriately by men, usually in public settings, and had no idea how to react. One woman flying on IndiGo, a budget Indian airline, turned the tables in a big way on a male passenger she says molested her on the flight—and the video another passenger captured of her publicly humiliating the man is quickly going viral.


A YouTube user named Shreyas Rao posted this video showing a "wealthy" Indian man who the victim says sat behind her and put his fingers in the seat gap to touch her. She says she was shocked at first and didn't react right away. When the flight landed, the woman claims the man tried yet again to touch her—and that's when she decided to cause a scene and let the entire plane know what he was up to.

The woman also reportedly told police what had happened to her and says this man is now in their custody.

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I think a lot of us can relate to this. Personally, I will never forget an incident that happened to me in New York City a few years ago. While on a crowded subway, a man once groped me TWICE. When I turned around to confront him, he turned the other way the first time—which made me question my sanity and whether he had touched me by accident. But the second time it happened, he smiled at me.

I wanted to scream bloody murder at him. But I was young and embarrassed. So I gave him a dirty look and said nothing. He won that day and I've never forgotten about it.

I don't usually agree with filming someone and humiliating them on social media like this, and a small part of me still questions whether this is okay, given the fact that this man hasn't been found guilty in court. But I agree that something has to be done to stop this behavior, and perhaps the threat of humiliation is the one thing women have in their power.

Here's the video:

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