8 Super-Cute Reasons Why Budweiser's 'Lost Dog' Super Bowl Ad Is the Best Ever

budweiser lost dog super bowl commercialConsidering all the controversy that's erupted surrounding one Super Bowl commercial featuring a cute pup (ahem GoDaddy), it's nice to know that at least one big company can still produce a touching, amazing puppy commercial. Puppies, horses, hot men, how could you go wrong? Budweiser definitely knows how to make a good puppy commercial, that's for sure. It makes us feel all the feels.


The one-minute spot features an adorable little lab who pops her head out from under a haystack. She goes outside even though a huge Clydesdale "warns" her not to. The pup then jumps into a car, which drives off.

And when she's lost, it's so freakin' sad, there are simply no words needed. Just LOOK:

budweiser lost dog super bowl commercial

Like COME ON, Budweiser!

After going through some trials and tribulations, including scaring off a big, bad, hungry wolf with the help of some larger friends, the little pup is finally reunited with her master.

Watch and cry. Just cry away. It'll be okay.

According to reports, eight puppies, all of whom were about 12 weeks old, were used in the commercial. Seven Clydesdales were also trained for about three months to prepare for this one-minute ad. And in case you wanted to know, the music is by Sleeping At Last, who did an acoustic version of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” originally by the Proclaimers.

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Who cares if this ad has nothing to do with beer? It's still a great commercial and everyone should watch it over and over and over again. Besides, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials anyway, right? Right?

What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial so far?


Image via budweiser/YouTube

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