Michelle Obama's Controversial Outfit Sparks Outrage

michelle obama headscarfThe President and First Lady Michelle Obama were in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to pay respects to Saudi King Abdullah who passed away. The focus shifted to the fact that Michelle wasn't wearing a headscarf or anything to cover her head, which is an expected practice for Saudi women. Some are outraged.


I just want to remind everyone that it is perfectly acceptable for the First Lady to not wear a headscarf or a niqab because she is American. There are exceptions made in Saudi Arabia for foreigners. In fact, if you watch the video footage, there are at least two other women in the crowd not wearing any kind of veil over their head.

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Still, people are upset. Most of those people are those who are ready for Obama to finish his Presidency. Some noted how she wore a headscarf during a recent trip to Indonesia and wondered why she didn't do so in Saudi Arabia. Excuses were made for her not covering her head -- the trip was unexpected and quick. But some wonder if it was a sly political move. Are the relations between Obama and Saudi Arabia strained because of the 10-year imprisonment and flogging sentence for Raif Badawi, a writer whose crime was writing "Free Saudi Liberals" on his blog? Was this a statement?

It may have been. But it may be more than that. Michelle Obama doesn't deserve criticism because she didn't cover up. We should instead applaud her for sharing the custom that women do not have to cover up. Women deserve the same rights as men. Perhaps the more foreigners the Saudi rulers see without headscarves, the more they will look at their practice and make changes. Equality. That would work well in the name of free speech and flogging, too.

Do you think the First Lady should be wearing a headscarf? Why or why not?

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