QVC Host & Fashion Designer Argue About Moon in Best Home Shopping Fight Ever (VIDEO)

QVC moon planet

There are many things I wouldn’t like about being a QVC host, but I think the hardest part of the job would be making banter for their various infomercial segments. I haven’t watched a LOT of home shopping programming, but every time I have seen it, the host — or hosts, as the case may be — have to just talk and talk and talk about whatever it is they’re trying to sell, and you'd think they'd run out of words by the 10-minute mark or so but NO. In QVC’s entire history of inane conversation, however, I’m not sure anything can trump the idle-chitchat-turned-WTF-IS-WRONG-WITH-YOU-PEOPLE moment that happened between host Shawn Killinger and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi this week.


The discussion starts out in innocent territory as Killinger presents a colorful variety of shirts to the viewing audience. Unfortunately things take a swift turn once she compares the fabric design to the view from outer space, and she begins referring to the moon as a planet.

That’s when Mizrahi takes a tragic science flub and ensures this clip will live in Internet infamy forever. Behold these two geniuses at work:

Sweet space lord above, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t hear it with my own ears. In case you missed the exact back-and-forth, here’s a thrilling transcript:

"Isn't the Moon a star?"

"No. The Moon is a planet, darling."

"The sun is a star. Is the Moon really a planet?"

"I don't know what the sun is."

It only gets more awesome when Mizrahi demands that someone off-screen (named, I am not making this up, “Chunky”) to “Google the moon,” at which point he responds in total disbelief to the answer:

But things live on it. That means it’s a planet.

Here’s a longer version of the clip (start at 7:35 or so), which is really worth viewing because of how the shirt model reacts as they keep talking.


Just so we're all perfectly clear, the moon is NOT a planet. It’s actually Earth's only natural satellite.

Also, those shirts are ugly as hell.

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