Freaky 'Blackburn Ghost' Terrorizing Driver Is a Legit Frightfest (VIDEO)

Blackburn ghost

As your resident party-pooping spooky-story debunker, I’m obliged to tell you right up front that the footage I’m about to share with you is likely not what it appears. Meaning it’s probably not actually the terrifying image of the British “Blackburn Ghost” caught on camera. Two men supposedly filmed the angry spirit from inside their car, and the resulting footage is 100% creepy as all get out. But is it really the ghostly visage of a monk who was executed in 1643? You’ll just have to decide for yourself ... IF YOU DARE.


The video seems to have been picked up by several viral outlets last week, with no explanation for who originally posted it (or when). All you can really see in the clip is a hunched white figure caught in the headlights of an approaching car, and as the car tries to back away, the figure gives chase.

Someone in the car can be heard losing their shit (as I would have been doing, although I wouldn’t have approached it in the first place COME ON), and reports are circulating that the person is shouting "Move the car backwards!" and "Faster! Faster!" in Arabic. “Local historian and author” Simon Entwistle informed The Citizen newspaper that the apparition may be a monk who was executed in Blackburn, England, many years ago:

It's the actual timing that I find quite unusual, this person was executed in early January 1643, and the ghost will only make an appearance in the early January period.

Mr. Entwistle also happens to run a ghost tour business called Top Hat Tours, so you may want to take his expertise with a rather large grain of salt. Someone on Reddit is claiming that the footage is part of a student film, and others say they’ve seen this same footage before, only it was supposedly from a completely different location.

It’s all adding up to a strong odor of fish, but the clip is pretty fun either way. Enjoy — although I’ll warn you, you may want to turn on all the lights before watching this:

Fake? Real? I’m leaning toward the former, but I can’t lie, it still gave me the heebs. What’s your call?

Image via YouTube

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