'Gaston' Whoops Tourist in Push-Up Contest at Disney World (VIDEO)

Gaston Push-Up ContestDozens of eggs a day must do a body good! Or at least Disney does a fantastic job casting their characters at their theme parks. One gentleman playing Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston recently dominated a park-goer at Disney World after the man challenged him to a push-up contest.


The video quickly went viral -- it was uploaded on January 2 and already has over three million views!

"I think I'm stronger than you!" declared the about-to-be-owned tourist, while his friend filmed and the crowd cheered and jeered.

The competition started out with gusto from both participants, but at the 50-second mark, Gaston pulled a killer move that made him the clear winner.

Moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of Disney to delight their fans. Also be prepared to have your butt kicked if you ever challenge Gaston to a physical challenge.

Have you ever had a great interaction with a theme park character?


Image via Blake Platt/YouTube

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