Man Annoyed By Little Boy in Checkout Line Takes Discipline Into His Own Hands (VIDEO)

Have you ever had one of those days? When things continually keep going wrong? And it feels like the universe is playing one huge cosmic joke on your pathetic little self? And then all of a sudden, when you're standing in line at the store, some little punk of a kid starts hitting your legs with his shopping cart. The mom does nothing to stop the madness. So you snap and do something simply drastic to take matters into your own hands and reclaim some of your dignity.


This is no doubt a controversial move by this man and he clearly upsets this child ... but haven't we all been there? Sometimes in the heat of the moment, something snaps. And even though this kid is, well, just a little kid, there's really no excuse for the mom to ignore him while he is clearly bothering a complete stranger.

Check it out for yourself:

There's obviously no audio, so who knows what the mom is saying to this man, and there's no doubt that he did overreact since pouring liquid all over a kid's head is rather extreme. It also should be noted that this could be "fake" as well (or at least this didn't happen in real life). Some folks on Reddit are saying that this clip is from a short French movie, and considering there's not much else out there about where and when all this took place, even though the clip is going viral, that could most definitely be true.

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But even if it's real or fake or staged or whatever, it does elicit a merited discussion about what is too much when it comes to disciplining a child if his or her parent clearly refuses to do so. I for one could never do this to a stranger's child. I just don't have the guts. But you can bet that there have been certain situations when I've definitely wanted to. If only the man could have poured the liquid on the mom's head instead ...

French film, actual encounter, some sicko who enjoys filming things at knee-level, whatever this is, this clip is bound to get people talking, and perhaps in a healthy, productive way. Kids are kids, and they can act up and be brats and be having a terrible day, but parents should hopefully at least make some kind of effort to keep that extra energy as contained as possible -- especially when it comes to physically hitting random strangers!

If this clip is of a real encounter, do you think this man went too far?


Image via Kaiken/YouTube

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