'Family Feud' Contestant Has Priceless Answer to 'What Needs to Be …?' (VIDEO)

Family FeudThere are not many things better than stopping a game show host cold in his tracks and busting up the audience laughing at the same time. Let's just say that Family Feud host Steve Harvey had no immediate response to contestant Gene's naughty response to one particular question.


He was practically asking for it, but Gene had the self-confidence to pull it off. Steve Harvey asked the question, "Gene, name something that has to be licked."

Gene thinks about it for two seconds, and then answers confidently, "A woman." Oh, my ...

Gene's answer is almost as priceless as his wife's high-fiving response. They must have one very happy marriage! Surprisingly, Gene ended up getting a giant red X on the Family Feud board, but I think it was totally worth it.

Even Steve Harvey responded, "I can't tell you how many good answers don't show up on that board."

Do you think Gene's answer was hilarious, brave, or inappropriate?


Image via feud answer/YouTube

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