'Xmas Jammies' Family Finally Gets What They Deserve (VIDEO)

Xmas jammies family

Are you familiar with the Holderness family? Wait wait wait, before you say no, perhaps you’ve seen their “Christmas Jammies” video. I mean, the odds are pretty good that you have seen it, since it has well over 15 million views. The Holderness clan has published at least 19 viral videos featuring the adorable foursome that is them, and while they’ve earned plenty of eye-rolls (Jezebel: “Penn and Kim were both former TV anchors nursing some obvious showbiz aspirations, and [the] children, Lola and Charles Penn, are innocent victims”), they’ve also earned millions upon millions of page views. And now they’ve finally achieved what they may have been angling for all along: their own reality show.


Penn and Kim Holderness are basically YouTube celebrities. I’m not familiar with all their videos, but it looks like “Xmas Jammies” and “All About That Baste” are the most popular ones, and they have over 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

Here’s their “Join the Family” clip asking viewers to “come watch our videos, come be our friends”:

Like most popular Internet topics, the Holderness parents are polarizing figures. People either love them and subscribe to their video feed and chant along with the cute little girl who says “Thanks for being part of our family!” ... or they watch their videos while making dramatic gagging noises at the computer screen. As this Jezebel author put it, in response to her own prompted question of why the Holdernesses harsh her vibes,

Because I'm a not a joiner? Because it's trying so very very hard? Because it's such a naked look-at-me, give-me-a-reality-show, I'm-so-fit-and-tan-with-bleached-white-teeth example of striverdom that I just literally cannot even? Because it's just BAD? I don't know, I'm open to your theories.

Personally, I feel mostly neutral about this family. They’re clearly having fun and know how to put together an entertaining video. Do I want to watch that video over and over and share it with all my friends? No. Do I hate this family with the white-hot rage of a thousand righteous, disgusted suns? Not even remotely.

At this point, I’d say their biggest dream has likely come true. They’re going to have their own TV show that’s all about them. The as-yet-unnamed reality series comes from 19 Kids and Counting production company Figure 8 Films, and will follow the daily lives of Kim, Penn, and their children, 7-year-old daughter Lola and 4-year-old son Penn Charles. It’ll air on UP television starting in February 2015.

I really really REALLY would NOT want to have MY own reality TV show (just the idea of cameras following me around for, like, five continuous minutes makes me want to curl up in a ball), but god knows I’ve been very public with my life on the Internet. Everyone has their own boundaries about what’s okay to share publicly, and if this entire family is on board with the show concept, well, who am I to say it’s a bad idea? If the parents have decided it's okay for their children, that's the only decision that matters.

I may have criticized people in the past for putting their lives on television, but I’ve grown as a person — I realize that passing my own judgments onto others is a pretty worthless endeavor.

More power to this family. I hope they enjoy the ride while it lasts, and have the good sense to get off if it stops being fun. After all, what more can you really ask for in life?

What do you think about this family's decision to do a reality show? Will you watch?

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