Exhausted Single Mom Gets Best 'Prank' Imaginable (VIDEO)

Single mom prank it forward

I am LOVING the Prank It Forward campaign by Break.com that’s all about filming charity-based "pranks for good." Their mission, as they put it, is to spread joy through epic pranks, and I’m not talking about the kind of prank where someone gets scared half to death and we all laugh at them losing control of their bodily functions while cameras roll. Prank It FWD rewards deserving people with amazing gifts, as seen in the “Best Shift Ever” video aired back in April, and now there’s a new one titled “She’s Got It Maid!” that completely changes the life of a hard-working single mom — right before our eyes.


Cara Simmons is a housekeeper and single mother of three in Ohio who has devoted all her time to her job and her family. She’s never had a day off in her life, and by all accounts, she’s kind, generous, and puts everyone else’s needs before her own.

Simmons has been battling health issues lately, and her medical bills have been piling up. She’s struggling to pay her rent, and her family all says she could really use a break. That’s where Prank It FWD stepped in and turned what Simmons thought was going to be a hard day on the job into something completely amazing.

This is a long video, but I am telling you, it’s worth watching from start to finish in order to see the “chores” the pranking team came up with. First, she taste-tested a gourmet meal prepared by a professional chef. Next she had to be the practice recipient of a four-hand massage. Then she got to try on and keep a ton of designer clothes, and after that ... well, just watch. If you only have a few minutes, skip to 6:30 for the best surprise of all:

Oh my gosh. Best reveal ever.

I confess, I still love the awful pranks where you can’t help but wonder if the victims collapsed from heart attacks afterward, but these videos are even better. Bravo to #PrankitFWD and Break.com for these heartwarming stories and their ongoing charity work.


Image via YouTube

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