Brazen Thief Meets Up With Cute Little Dog & You Won't Believe Who Wins (WATCH)

One apparent burglar didn't pay attention to the "Beware of Dog" sign outside of a home ... or, you know, maybe there wasn't a sign. Either way, the man got the scare of his life when he jumped over the home's fence and began lurking around looking for something to steal (presumably). Surveillance cam footage catches the man as he wanders around the yard looking for a way into the home and then he steps out of camera range. This is when the scariest, most evil-eyed, most ferocious dog ever to bare its fangs and growl came after him like a whirling dervish ... check it out:


OMIGAWD!!! Scary dog!!! I'd run from that too! Seriously, what if that thing got a hold of your ankle and, like, I dunno, nipped it or something? It might put a hole in your sock.

Seriously, little dogs can bite too, and though their bites may not pack the wallop of the bite of a German Shepherd or Perro de Presa Canario, it's SO much more embarrassing to say that you got bit by a Yorkie Terrier! I mean, really, for a burglar, that would be truly shameful.

But not as shameful as this video. Dude, get another job. You are clearly NOT cut out for thieving.

Good job, little pooch!

Have you ever been scared by a little dog?


Image © Philip James Corwin/Corbis

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