Dad Disciplines Thieving Son & Films His Unusual Punishment (VIDEO)

A video of a dad punishing his adolescent son for stealing has hit the Internet and gone viral, sparking yet another debate on what constitutes acceptable forms of punishment when it comes to disciplining our kids. It features a boy howling as he holds a stack of books over his head as a consequence for stealing. Dad can be heard in the background saying, "Better steal some knowledge."


Granted, it is somewhat uncomfortable to watch, but mostly just because it's difficult to witness someone else's shame. That being said, I bet this kid thinks twice before indulging in a five-finger discount again.

I like this dad's creative approach to discipline -- and if you catch your kid stealing, you have to enforce some sort of consequence. That's how kids learn. If you let them get away with behaving badly, they just might turn into Justin Bieber or something else awful.

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It's difficult to find an appropriate balance these days between tough love and what some consider to border on child abuse, but it seems this dad has found it.

The only thing inappropriate about it may be the fact that he filmed it and publicly humiliated his kid. It's one thing to feel the sting of getting caught doing something bad and getting in trouble with your parents -- it's another to live in Internet infamy.

Then again ... it is nice to know, as a parent, that there are others out there who actually care about the kind of people their kids grow up to be -- namely, the non-thieving kind.

Do you think this dad's method of discipline went too far?


Image via Charlie Blanko/YouTube

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