3 Grandmas Smoke Pot for the First Time in Must-See Experiment (VIDEO)

grandmas smoke potYou know what I've always suspected my own grandmother could use a dose of? Weed. I'm not saying I've ever indulged (hear that law enforcement ... potential employers ... mom?), but from what I've, you know, um, read and heard from friends, smoking the stuff does have the tendency to mellow you out and make you smile a little bit more. Just ask these three awesome grandmas who smoke pot for the first time and proceed to play Cards Against Humanity. Don't worry, these three weren't duped into breaking the law -- recreational marijuana is legal in the great state of Washington.


These women sure are brave to film themselves high for the first time in their lives! But the video they get out of it is more than worth it. If you're easily offended, you better skip this one:

"You need more. Oh, you need more."

Don't get me wrong but it kind of seems like the lady on the left knows what she's doing, huh?

Brain tingling and smiling are just so much more fun to witness when they're happening to grandmothers, isn't it? Especially when one of them thinks the vaporizer is a dildo.

(Grandmas know what dildos are?!?! Mine certainly does NOT. Right, universe? Right?? But, whew, at least they still don't know what queefing is ... until they learned the definition and looked comically traumatized by it all.)

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These ladies don't care about anything, they giggle uncontrollably, they confuse their words, they get the munchies, even their muscles are more relaxed -- and the best part? No hangover!

Anyway, these grandmas are pretty amazing, I wouldn't mind being their best friend, and most likely you are curious now what your grandmother would be like high and happy. Let's hope a jovial trio of grandpas are up next for this experiment!

Have you ever wondered what your grandmother would be like if she smoked some pot?


Image via Cut Video/YouTube

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