WWI Enemies Become Friends in Viral Video That Will Warm Your Soul

A World War I-themed video is getting the same kind of attention normally reserved for cat videos. The video is UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury's 2014 Christmas ad, and despite there being not one cat in the entire ad, it not only holds your attention rapt throughout, but might even make you cry! The video is based on a true event that happened during World War I, and it's one that most of us probably didn't know about. It's pretty amazing though and will warm the cockles of your soul. Check it out:



You're probably like, what the heck? Why are the British forces and the German forces, who are, like, at war and stuff partying like it's 1999?

Because it's CHRISTMAS!!

Oh, and apparently this actually happened in REAL LIFE. The ad is based on real events, and though we know that "based on real events" usually means that something kinda sorta a little bit like it maybe happened, well, that's good enough for me!

If any troops anywhere actually stopped for a moment and looked each other in the eyes and shook hands and exchanged chocolate bars and realized we were all human beings, that would be pretty cool, eh? Here's a video about how it all went down in real life:

Sainsbury's shot this advertisement like it was a major motion picture and worked hard to get all of the period details correct -- everything from the uniforms' insignia to the depth of the trenches.

Also, the chocolate bars that are featured in the video will be sold this season, with profits going to the benefit groups that help the armed forces.

You have to admit, no matter how you feel about enemy troops playing football together, this is one heck of a tearjerker.

Did you like this ad? How do you feel about its message?


Image via Sainsbury's/YouTube

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