Anderson Cooper Hilariously Punked On Air for Being an 'Annoying' Coworker (VIDEO)

Anderson CooperLet's just call this video clip reason number 8,437 we love Anderson Cooper. The AC360 host is known for having a playful side, as well as an ability to poke fun at himself, and of course his infamously infectious giggle.

The Ridiculist is an Anderson Cooper fan favorite segment of his show, and this week, he unintentionally became the subject of his own rant on annoying habits of your coworkers. His staff totally set him up to complain about his own smelly scented candle, which one colleague said smelled like "Mario Batali's crocs."


The 47-year-old host began the segment about bad workplace habits, and quickly realized he'd been duped when he recognized his own office on the video footage. The camera zoomed in on a lit basil-scented candle, and Cooper incredulously asked, "Oh, really? This is what The Ridiculist is about tonight?"

"I should have read it ahead of time," he admitted, continuing, "Really?! Some of my coworkers do not like the way my candle smells? This is cold! And you don't tell me. You let me read it on a teleprompter. Wow. This is new to me. This is completely news to me."

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He took it all in stride though, and even read off a list of descriptive smells for the candle, provided by his office mates. Some of them are horrendously descriptive, and honestly, we're hoping to never know what a garden gnome's underwear drawer smells like. Other descriptors included Grandma's house, old mall, Italian salad, Woodstock vomit, dumpster ravioli, herb garden growing in a landfill, and a brothel in Tuscany.

So great. He even made a reference to using the candle to cover up the smell of his stinky jeans, which he famously rarely washes.


What do you think is the worst bad office habit?


Image via Adam Glanzman/Flickr

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