Pretty 'Drunk' Woman Asking for Help Gets the Opposite in Latest Video Social Experiment

If you thought it was bad how many men hit on a young lady walking down the street when she was sober -- well, imagine one tottering around the street drunk. Yeah, you can pretty much guess that the young woman is going to be propositioned quite a few times. And that's basically what happens when a man named Stephen Zhang does a "social experiment" and sends an attractive young lady out into the streets of Hollywood pretending to be drunk and lost. Cue scumbags!


The video captures five different men approaching the "drunk" lady in question, who is asking for help getting to her bus stop. The woman is carrying a brown-bagged bottle and slurring her words and it's pretty obvious she's done a bit too much imbibing that day.

Not surprisingly, only one guy tried to help her find her bus -- the other four tried to help her back to their apartments. Oh wait, it WAS sort of surprising that one guy actually tried to help her! I personally would have guessed zero.

If I sound cynical, this is coming from a woman who has been hit on by pretty much everyone imaginable. Married guys? Check. Grandfathers? Check. (Not my own, mind you!) Guys on the street? Check, check, check! If you haven't experienced this type of thing, you may think this video is exaggerated, but it's not, and it's SCARY. Check it out:

As much as I agree that this kind of thing happens -- oh boy, does it happen -- there are a few problems with this video. One, there's a lot of valid questions about its authenticity. Some things give away that it might be fake: The cameraman is basically right up in everyone's face and no one seems to notice him. (Which they probably wouldn't when there's a drunk pretty girl in front of them. I suspect an elephant would have gone unnoticed.)

And some people think the fact that the guys' faces aren't blurred out means they're actors. While it is usually perfectly legal to film people in public places, it also can open up a legal can of worms that many videographers prefer to avoid by blurring faces, such as Rob Bliss did when he filmed Shoshana Roberts being catcalled.

If the video is fake, that's pretty lame since you really could get this stuff on video without setting anything up.

The other problem? The men are self-selecting. All four of the guys who try to lure her back to their apartment come out of the crowd and make a beeline for her. You wonder how many men would have helped her if she'd just gone over to them and asked. I bet a few definitely would have -- maybe even the majority.

However, the video is still a good lesson for young women. There are creeps out there and it's best to be on your guard. That's just an unfortunate reality.

Would you show this to your teen daughters?


Image via StephenZhang/YouTube

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