Man Slaps Woman Taunting Him on Subway & All Heck Breaks Loose (VIDEO)

Does a man EVER have the right to hit a woman? Most of us would say definitely not. But after watching this video, taken on a subway train in New York City, dang, you have to wonder! The video starts with a young woman taunting a much larger man about his clothes. It's unclear what happened before the filming starts and why this woman would have gone off on what appears to be a stranger. But as the exchange escalates, the woman appears to hit the man -- and that's when he turns around and lands a slap on her face so hard, you could have heard it three subway stops away.


Someone videotapes the woman as she confronts the man and her friends egg her on. At one point she trash talks his jacket, saying, "It came out in 1990!" (Is that bad?) All the while, the very tall man with the jacket and ear flap hat stands looking bemused, even smiling.

So far, so good. The woman is acting atrociously, the man is taking the high road and not saying anything back to her. He must have taken lessons from Jay Z.

But eventually the man with the hat comes closer to the woman and starts talking back, even calling her a "bitch" -- and that's when she smacks him in the head with something in her hand. Cue hell breaking loose:

Wow! You can really hear that slap! The force of it sends her reeling to the floor. At this point, several other people get involved in the fracas.

Now ... I'm not one to say that a guy who appears over six feet tall should EVER hit a woman. BUT. Seriously! This woman is out of freaking control!

I don't know about you, but I feel like this woman got what she deserved. Then again, I didn't see if something happened before the tape started rolling. Hey, maybe he started it for all I know. But judging just by what is on the tape, the woman seemed to think like she could do whatever she wanted to the guy and he wouldn't retaliate because she's a woman. How wrong she was.

Maybe she'll think twice about behaving so abhorrently in the future -- but somehow I doubt it.

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Seeing people trash talk each other on the New York City subway is fairly routine, though they don't usually come to blows like this. But one of the nicer things about this city is that you hardly EVER hear of anyone shooting each other over it. New York has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, and thank goodness for that!

What do you think about what he did?


Image via Chris Hondros/Getty Images News

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